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How to operate the KOH electrohydraulic machine

Number of views:336Date:2022-11-14 11:07

       First, before use, check whether the oil in the tank is sufficient, you can check the oil mark on the left side, if not enough should open the tank to add oil, so that the oil reaches the oil mark as appropriate.      

      Check whether the oil pipe is loose and the tight garden parts, if there is loose then it should be tightened, check whether the electrical appliances are grounded and whether safety protection measures such as insurance screws are effective.    

      Third, when using, open the oil return valve, close the oil feed valve, turn on the power, press the start button, the motor starts to work. Then close the oil return valve, open the oil feed valve slowly, make the piston rise for a distance, and observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon such as jamming. If there is, unload and stop the machine to check and remove. Open the return valve and the piston will drop to its original position.  

      Fourth, the surface of the test piece will be wiped clean, check whether there is no obvious external defects, such as obvious impact on the value of the experimental Yi, must replace the non-destructive test piece.      

      Fifth, according to the experimental requirements of the test piece, turn the screw so that the upper pressure plate does not touch the test piece for the limit. Turn on the press, lift the cylinder, press the [Zero] key to clear the tare.    

      Six, the instrument is energized, in the measurement state according to [parameter] key to start the test press the start button, open the oil feed valve, start loading. According to the need for speed hold smoothly plus escape test, until the test piece is crushed, the load open drop. Immediately open the oil return room, the instrument automatically records the peak pressure and save to memory.    

      Seven, after the test, if the user has set the automatic printing, the instrument will automatically print out the results of the test, while judging whether the data is valid, if valid, the average value is calculated.  

      When operating, the height of the lower pressure plate should not exceed 4cm to avoid accidents.

      Nine, the test is completed, then clean up the residual broken test pieces, in order to wait for the next test. When not doing the test, open the oil return valve, close the oil feed valve and cut off the power supply.