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What is the number of lithium-ion battery life cycle cycles?

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       What is the number of life cycle cycles?

      Based on the rechargeable battery quality and lithium battery material, the number of lithium-ion battery life cycle is clarified: i. Ternary material lithium-ion batteries can be cycled about 800 times. Second, lithium iron phosphate battery cycle system frequency of about 2,500 times. Third, rechargeable battery cycle system frequency and shoddy rechargeable batteries have differences, shoddy rechargeable batteries are based on the rechargeable battery manufacturer's instructions on the cycle system frequency design and production manufacturing, and shoddy rechargeable batteries cycle system frequency sometimes is likely not easy to appear within the side 50 times.

       The basic theoretical life of a lithium ternary battery is about 800 cycles, which is medium to high among commercially available rechargeable lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have about 2,000 cycles, while lithium titanate can complete 10,000 cycles of the system. Popular manufacturers of lithium batteries today in their ternary core specifications in the service commitment to exceed 500 times, but the lithium battery core in the group made into a lithium battery pack, due to consistency problems, it is important that the working voltage and internal resistance can not be completely consistent, the cycle system life of about 400 times. Under general conditions, the cycle system frequency of ternary lithium battery is 500~1000 times up and down, assuming that the new energy vehicle travels 300km in a detailed cycle system, that also means that after 15~300,000km, the cycle system frequency of the rechargeable battery will be exhausted. There are many elements that jeopardise the cycle system life of lithium batteries, but the immediate cause of this in that the total number of lithium iron phosphates participating in kinetic energy transfer continues to decrease. It must be emphasised that the total lithium production in rechargeable batteries is not decreasing, only that fewer and fewer lithium iron phosphates are active, they are confined elsewhere or in the safe channel of the subject activity and cannot freely participate in the whole process of charging the circulatory system battery. Therefore, we only need to figure out this should participate in the redox reaction reflected in the movement of lithium iron phosphate, you can figure out the principle of volume reduction, you can also purposefully take certain effective measures to slow down the development trend of lithium battery volume reduction, increase its cycle system life.