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What affects the service life of lithium batteries

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       What aspects affect the service life of lithium batteries?

      Aspect 1: The correlation between the depth of charge and discharge and the frequency of battery charging. From the data information obtained from the experiment can be seen that the battery charging frequency of rechargeable batteries is related to the battery charging depth, the heavier the battery charging depth, the less frequently the rechargeable battery is charged. Frequency of filling * deep layer of charging and discharging = frequency of carrying out within the total cycle time of filling, the more frequency of carrying out within the total cycle time of filling, the more frequency of filling * deep layer of charging and discharging = specific service life of the rechargeable battery (ignoring other elements)

      Aspect 2: overcharging, power loss, and its large amount of battery charging current. No rechargeable batteries are allowed to cause overcharging, all a lithium battery overcharging method is will cause more serious damage to the battery performance, and even cause characteristics reduced. Do not charge or discharge below 2V or at a deep level, as this will rapidly destroy the lithium battery. Internal metal plating is likely to cause short-circuiting and render the rechargeable battery unusable or unsafe. Most lithium batteries have an electronic circuit inside the rechargeable battery that disconnects the rechargeable battery when the battery voltage is less than, exceeds or when the rechargeable battery flow rate exceeds a predetermined threshold when charging or discharging. It is not necessary to charge and discharge batteries with a high flow rate, as a high flow rate can cause excessive operating stress on the rechargeable battery.

      Aspect 3: Natural environment over temperature or low temperature. Lithium battery life is also very much endangered by temperature. In the electronic product start-up, the temperature is less than zero natural environment may make lithium damage, while the natural environment of ultra-temperature will become smaller rechargeable battery volume. Therefore, if the notebook computer long-term application of external power supply are not rechargeable batteries out, rechargeable batteries are long-term in the notebook discharged in the high heat, quickly will be eliminated.

      Aspect 4: Long-term full power, no power situation. Lithium battery power is too high or too low is harmful to the battery cycle times. The vast majority of the market sales of household appliances or rechargeable batteries on the mark can be repeated battery charging frequency, to charge and discharge 80% as the standard test. Experimentation shows that for some laptop lithium batteries, often the working voltage of the rechargeable battery exceeds the standard working voltage amperage, that is, from amperage up to amperage, the life of the rechargeable battery will be reduced, and then raise the amperage, the life will be reduced by 1/3; the greater the charge, the greater the depletion of the rechargeable battery. The higher the charge, the greater the drain on the rechargeable battery. A prolonged period of low or no charge will cause the internal frictional resistance of the rechargeable battery to the electronics to become greater and greater, resulting in a reduction in battery power.