Hife Systems Ltd.

Crimping (Closing) System

Working principle:After pre-sealing, the cells are delivered to the unloading wheel, where the empty die is separated into a die sleeve recycling system and the unloaded cells are transported to the sealing sub-station. The cells are sealed by HAVE high performance roller sealing heads, each with three sealing wheels; the cells are clamped by customised grippers and the sealing heads are controlled by cams, with the rotation speed controlled by frequency converters, to seal the cells. After roller sealing the batteries are transported to the mould sealing sub-station where the final shaping and sealing is done by the mould; the shaping and chamfering of the batteries is done by the HAVE mould sealing head.
Equipment characteristics:

Feeding method: die-set cycle transfer system

Inspection method: micrometer, projector, seal testing tooling

Technical specifications:600 cells/min